Wednesday, September 17, 2008

snake skin shed

I use to be the blackest
And now I'm just dull

I use to carry mystery in my left hand
A touch of carelessness, a dash who cares
I demand
To know what happened
To this undescribible man

I have vanished
I have vanished
I'm a gone

You can't see me now
You can't see ne now

Now has he banished
Oh maybe banished

You'll never see how
But you know now

I am the blackest
the lowest points of your life
I am your secrets
Your worst fears brought to life

I got lots of holes
In my flesh and in my bones
I got lost along the way
Don't even mind me, I won't even stay

I'm empty
I'm empty
I'm empty

Come together, join your hands
I'm the son of man, i'm the son of man
Everybody, tell your friends
This is all within my master plan

Come find yourself in me
Pressures on pressures on
And you're starting to see
The cracks in me
The cracks in me

He's gonna blow
He's gonna blow

I am the burning man
I am the burning man
I am the burning man
I am the burning man
I am burning

Monday, September 15, 2008

little things

Are the things that make life, relationships, anything really, worth it. They matter more than the bigger aspects of life, to me anyway.

I haven't wrote in this for a while, I kinda felt like I had more to do, then say?! Idk.

A lot on my mind.

Wake me up when life gets easier.