Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No rhyme

Why do I feel so off? Why is it that no matter where I am I feel like I don't have a reason to be there. Lifes so good recently, yet I feel no purpose on some days. I guess we all feel this way, or at least I'd like to feel as if I wasn't alone on this.

I feel like Im still waiting to live sometimes and others I feel like I couldn't be living life fuller, blah this extreme balance is overwhelming at times.

Purpose is there, I guess it's those in between times I loath.

Im just bummed.

And need direction in more areas of my life.

-- d

Monday, August 24, 2009

Nothing gold

All I want, all I try to do, is be happy. Be content with the life I lead, and yet Im still brought down by peoples terrible unsupportive words.

Apparently people feel as though I've changed and become this person they don't know, but not one of those people will talk to me about it, I have to hear it via other people and not them.

Do you really feel like this?! Or have I become the person it's easiest to shit on because Im gone a lot now?

I am still the same dude I've been, except now, now Im happy, I have nothing to be bitter about. My outlook on life and things is just better. I was sick of being angry and stressed. This has made me happy.

So ya, I guess I have changed, for the better, Im a better person and I will not go back to how I was because some people don't think Im being me. This is me and this is the life I choose. If you are my friend, then you know this, and you know Im happy in it.

Im sorry Im not around a lot, and I don't have an ego just cuz Im in some band. All I do is talk abou my friends and miss my friends while Im gone, please know this, know Im still Davey Im just happy Davey and hope that's okay with everyone.

-- d