Monday, July 13, 2009

my not so distant future...

Shawn wakes me up at 4am, and we switch driving shift and by some off chance my shift was an hour or so drive right into seattle. few people can really understand the moment i had right then, ive felt drawn to seattle foe years, but never been and this was the make it or break it moment for me. and let me tell you, it made it. listening to death cab as i drove thru woods and up a hill, then to come down and see seattle just a bridge away, surrounded by water almost capped off from the rest of the world, truly amazing, and a personal goal met of mine.

i was the only one awake as i drove thru neighbors with the most amazing architecture and housing ive ever seen. its not that it would blow everyone away, just me. i feel like i was supposed to be from here, i feel so comfortable here.

i parked on the street as the 530 am morning bussel started and i watch the city awaken, it was interesting to try and put myself in mix of all that in my head, as i looked up apartments on craigslist and thought about whether i wanna live near the water or downtown.

all the dudes woke up and we went to the public market place and me and chris and ev, pulled the cliche move and got s bucks and sat in the market area and enjoyed people watching and a homeless man who was talking loudly to himself, in the seat touching mine, haha.

we got into the sound and scifi museums for free, and i got to see the history of grunge how ive always wanted to, got to see nirvanas actual gear, kurts journals, demo tapes, old soundgarden records and mudhoney fliers, shit was insane to be standing in front of the reasons i play music. i think we all were a little humbled being there.

walking around this city makes me feel more at home then anywhere. i know its been A DAY but just being here is a real dream come true, and already this band has blown my mind and taken me to places ive wanted to be for so long. cant wait for the future.

Although i wont be moving here for a while, i will be moving here, its not going anywhere and i am happy for my life here and whatever it will bring.

ps...these pictures do not do this town justice. but you get it.

Seattle 2k????????