Thursday, February 4, 2010


Shit is so weird right now. I've never had this much mistrust in my life. I don't know who's REALLY a friend. I guess it's part of settling into this new life, people just haven't caught up?! I've just been finding out secrets withheld, shitty things said and done that I would never do or say to anyone I called a friend.

Sometimes, most times I want to just alone. I trust me, and I get so bummed that I can't really really trust people I call my friends. I try to ignore it but it's there.

I don't know, maybe Im wrong. And if you're my friend and you read this, and you don't feel like this applies to you, then it doesn't, please just be a good friend while Im around you AND when Im away, cuz this is driving me crazy.


-- d