Thursday, June 26, 2008

list of things before tour.

I leave aug 8th for a month of touring in canada.

There are things I wish/like/need to do before I leave.

In no order really

1. Camping trip for 2
2. Buy a canoe
3. Get sleeve finished, also toe knuckles
4. Make as much money as I can working/side jobs
5. Find out if tmoblie with covers canadian roaming.
6. Get drunk and swim.
7. Ride, ride, ride my bike
8. Shave/wax robb harkins ass
9. Do nice
10. Go to as many flea markets as I can

This will be the longest tour I've ever been on. I couldn't be more excited/nervous. I hope all goes well. But I couldnt have ask for 4 better dudes to do it with.

I leave on the 7th/8th get back on the 30th....which means everyone will miss my birthday on August I exspect presents and a party when I'm home. Ha.

Poutine and my friends in I come.