Thursday, July 31, 2008

5 t r 3 5 5

This whole goddamn tour is stressin me to the max. Between last minute merch orders, the van maybe/not maybe getting fixed in time. All the dudes fighting and dissagreeing about everything and getting on each others nerves like crazy. Then ontop of that, working two jobs just to keep up with all the money we owe for shit while some people barely work any jobs, frustrating. And then ontop of that trying to still mantain an normal life, give attention to those who needs a deserve it, still be a good friend/roomate, still have time and energy for everyone. And yet I feel like I'm failing. I'm not trying to be selfish. I'm trying to be 100 different people, and its wearing me out. I'm just trying to be happy and make a few people happy as well. Ugh, its all so much somtimes, and I feel like I'm failing, terribely. And in the back of my head is the touring schedule for the next 3 months and that makes me feel like this won't end. This is my dream, but goddamn its stressful right now

This is the life I chose.
I'm sorry to all who it disapoints.
One day it will be different.