Monday, July 7, 2008

life gives you lemons, it gives me dogshit.

Everytime it seems, somethings gonna go right, or I'm gonna get a lil extra something, life has a funny way of robbing me.

Everyone got that extra 300 or 600$ check from good ol america, this year.

So I think, oh shit, I'm gonna do somthing nice. I've wanted a new laptop since the fire...and since my benefit show money was stolen, I wasn't able to get it. So here's my chance...

Cept, my brakes gave out on the way home and I put the car in the shop. 350$ for brake lines, and since its aug, 50$ for new sticker, 100$ to reregister my car. 65$ for cell phone...which leaves me with dick.

I guess I'm thankful the money was there, but still give me a goddamn break. I just want something nice.
When I'm not touring, I work 2 fucking jobs, and I always feel like I never have money. Blah being in debt is the fucking worst.

Its so hard to have a positive out look on things, when those things go to shit.

The only plus is I'm blessed with someone who hurts when I hurt, cries when I cry, and smiles when I smile. She honestly gets me through these hard days. So its hard to upset about material things when she's laying next to me in bed. So in that way, I'm lucky.

But goddamnit I just wanted a laptop. Ha.